Your Conscious Mind

It’s Not What You Think

This is where our story gets a little spooky. If you didn’t think it had reached that point some way back. Smiles. In this section we are going to examine the Conscious Mind and come to some conclusions which even you may find surprising. I will go further and venture that almost every Westerner hearing these ideas for the first time will be a little shocked at the implications once they have thought them through. I say this (takes a deep breath) because the Conscious Mind, which most people believe to be “You”, is nothing more than a logic circuit or biological calculating machine residing in the brain upon which they have placed their attention. The Conscious Mind is a product of the physical brain and dies with the brain and body. Oh dear!

Does that mean an end to you, your mind and your individuality? Well it absolutely does not because you are far more than this handy little “gadget” and your identification with the Conscious Mind has been an error brought about by culture, perception and fluffy language. People say, “I am thinking this, that or the other.” No they are not. They are observing the Conscious Mind processing information is what they are doing. And we will come to who is doing the observing in a few moments and in its place. For now, be clear in your apprehension that you are not the thoughts, not the thing doing the thinking but the thing watching the thinking happening. That is a novel idea is it not?

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The Observer

Have you heard the expression, “Know thyself”? It was carved in stone over the doorway to the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece. A couple of thousand years ago, the rich and powerful came from around the world to receive predictions of the future and words of wisdom from the seer who worked out of the temple. The words have been ascribed to Socrates and several other philosophers but in actual fact they were a popular saying in those days within a culture which took an interest in philosophy. That is philosophy in the literal sense being the love of knowledge. But far more important than where the words come from is what they mean. The superficial meaning is “take a look at your self and observe your own behaviour”. Presumably with a view to self correction of the passions and neurosis.

Now while that is all very well, and will doubtless lead a person to a better interaction with life, it has a deeper meaning, “Know who you really are.” As we will see later, one goal leads to the other. Coming to know what you are like as a person, those things which form your personality, eventually leads to the knowledge of who, or what, you really are. By a form of subtraction you take away everything which is temporary and what is left is YOU. And that knowledge is the core and centre of all wisdom. It gives power and freedom, takes away the fear of death and leads to a happy, fulfilling life. A life of purpose. Yet to answer this question alone and without the assistance of a teacher, perhaps even to ask it for some, takes many lifetimes. So let’s make a start shall we?

So who are you? Or I might ask, “What are you?” Are you a mother, a wife, a daughter? Or a father a husband or a son? What were you before you had children? What would you be if you split up with your partner? If your parents, God forbid, passed on? So perhaps you are not your role. What about your race or your nation? Are you American? African, European, Asian? What if you emigrate to another country and make your home there? Lets try your job description; Are you a truck driver or a lawyer or an office manager? What about a home-maker? But what happens if you change your career or lose your job, the kids leave home or you retire? What if you had an injury and were obliged to stop work right now? What would you be then? Surely you would be something still? All these parts of the human condition which most people think of as “themselves”, as “Me”, are in fact both temporary and to some extent an illusion.

What about your personality? Has that changed in your lifetime? Of course it has. It developed as you matured and changes day by day according to the function of your glands. What about your basic temperament? The answer is very similar, it is based on your genetic makeup, interacting with your programming, offset by your maturation and it changes according to your development and who you are interacting with. What about your mind? Surely that is permanent? Surely that is the part which survives the body? Well actually, no it is not. The conscious mind can disappear from a person with a brain injury. What about people who are mentally impaired, drugged or drunk? Has their mind not changed when they are performing like children? Could this really be where their Eternal Self has developed to? I think not. So what is left? What is there within you that does not change?

There is only one part of a human accessible to normal awareness which does not change and that is what we call the Observer. The Observer is the part of you which is looking out from behind your eyes right now. Or, if you were blind, would be listening or feeling whatever stimuli impinged upon your functioning senses. The Observer, you see, is not the conscious mind as it does not think or calculate. It does not react to your emotions either, in the sense of reacting to them with yet more thought or decision making. It merely observes. You are the “ghost within the machine” and separate from the machine which is your body. This is where you get to try it out for yourself. Sit quietly and be aware of your thoughts. Try to still your thoughts and note what happens. As mentioned before, some thoughts will eventually bubble up. Who is doing the thinking if you are “trying” not to? Clearly it is not you. If you have ever been drunk you may recall that the Observer remains the same, calmly watching. While drunk, the thought process or mentation changes and the decision making may become a little strange but the Observer still remains the same, watching.

Recite a multiplication table or poem or anything in your head. Where are the words or figures coming from? We know now they are coming from your unconscious mind and accessed from your memory. Of course they are; you learnt them years ago. Now think of two different two-digit numbers. Add them together in your head. Who is doing the adding up? And who is doing the watching? You can “see” yourself doing the sum so the “doer”, who we actually know now is the conscious mind, must be different from the watcher as it could not be doing both could it? The part doing the watching is the Observer and that is the real, immortal YOU.

Now you are aware of the Observer within you, can you remember it ever changing? I recall my Observer watching my life when I was a child 50 years ago in exactly the way that it does today. OK, its mental support network is stronger today but it remains the same in itself. And it was absolutely the same in previous lives where the language was different, the mind was different and of course the body was different too, sometimes male and sometimes female, young and old, clever and dim. But what is this Observer which never changes? It is that shard of the Creator which is inhabiting your head. But we already saw that you are the Observer didn’t we? That is something worth considering.

So if you are still with me you now have a grasp of your immortal Observer and are ready to see what else you are made of.

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What Is A Group Mind?

A group mind is where the awareness element of a human’s lower self, as mentioned previously, partially combines or connects with others to form a larger, and in some ways more powerful, consciousness. We have seen how the lower self has a certain awareness which is weak on logic and “intelligence” but strong on memory and possesses the ability to tap in to the creative part of the universe. When a collection of lower selves combine they form a vastly more powerful mind for the purpose of creation but the sum total of the intelligence stabilises at around the level of the lowest common denominator. They are also, like the individual lower self, controlled by their emotions and easily influenced by symbols. For this reason group minds tend to be powerfully creative or destructive, emotional but dim and easily led by someone using the correct tools or levers.

When a human being undergoes a certain group experience, perhaps watching a soccer match, then a part of that person’s unconscious mind forms a type of current, ongoing, memory or replication of the event internally. This is how humans process all information. This process of perception sets up a type of vibration or standing wave within their etheric body and their aura. And this standing wave becomes much stronger when the viewer is emotionally aroused. When a group of humans are in proximity and similarly aroused, such as the crowd at a soccer game, then these standing waves resonate together and cause the minds to link up. In a sense. This forms the group mind of that crowd and will continue for so long as that experience is shared and perhaps for a little while afterwards.

From the person’s point of view this group mind experience can be very pleasant as it gives a person a feeling of “belonging” or security and they may become addicted to it if they are needy in that area through their normal state of consciousness being uncomfortable. More specifically, the person ceases to identify with their own limited self, for which they may have little liking or esteem, and they identify with the group, a team or crowd, a greater self which they may esteem very highly. In a very real sense they think they are that hero on the soccer pitch or that singer on the stage. Also, when a person has been involved in a particular group mind once then they very easily become part of a new, related group mind under similar circumstances. To avoid misunderstanding we need to be aware here that the proximity of the person and aura is not an absolute requirement for all types of group mind. At a deeper level all minds are connected all the time and with a suitable stimulus a certain type of shared experience can resonate with the individual unconscious and create a group mind while the participants are any distance apart. Examples of this non-local group mind are the phenomenon of a best-selling novel, the political party some of the time and the ecological movement which affects the whole of Western society to some extent. The group mind of a whole society is often referred to as the Zeitgeist or spirit of the times in German.

The most obvious naturally occurring group minds occur during sporting events, riots and military engagements. At a sporting event the group mind tends to project onto the team which is the object of “support” and through this identification a certain feeling of elevated status is achieved. A person with very limited self esteem or ability feels for a while as if they are the world-class player they are supporting. During a riot people form a group mind or mob and carry out lawless behaviour they, mostly, would never dream of commiting in their normal state of mind. This is the effect of the lowering of the intelligence and their being carried away by the emotion of the time. Riots tend to occur in the aftermath of a disaster such as an earthquake or flood when people are united in fear, or they are created by the shared anger or outrage experienced during a political protest.

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The Etheric Body

The first body “above” the level of the physical is the etheric as we have already seen. It takes the shape of the physical body and extends some fraction of an inch beyond it in normal circumstances. All living animals and plants have an etheric body which forms a type of scaffolding and power transmission network for that life energy, called chi or prana, which animates our being. In your reading you may have come across the concept of Kirlian photography which claims to capture images of this body. This is not quite correct as Kirlian photography captures a type of coronal discharge generated by an electrically charged body. Nevertheless, the image captured does have a certain correlation with the etheric body.

As has already been mentioned, the etheric body of a human contains a series of energy centres down the centre line which are usually known as chakras. From these chakras run energy conduits called meridians which, rather like veins carrying blood, distribute energy around the whole system. On a sort of return journey they also act as a type of conduit for memories and emotion in an “energetic” form. Forgive my using vague terms here such as “energy” which have neither been fully explained here nor which are free from the touch of new-ageism but words impose limits on communications. We are obliged to attempt some description as this energy/memory system becomes vitally important to our discussion later for several reasons relating to the clearing of Karma, the curing of illness, the manipulation of our external life and the process of reincarnation.

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Why Do We Believe?

For the greater part, humans are neither swayed by reasoned argument nor convinced by hard facts. How often does political debate change a person’s choice of political party? Why does political affiliation run in families when all share the same nation? Therefore, some listeners will want to believe that these facts are true, others will want to disbelieve and yet a third group will maintain an attitude of open-mindedness and a healthy curiosity. This immunity to logic and unthinking bias in the first two groups is merely a function of how the normal human mind works. Neither position shows naivety or stupidity, necessarily, because bias in the face of an explanation simply demonstrates that a person is in the grip of an irrational drive which, as we shall see later, is seated deep in their unconscious mind. This drive, based on memories, and perhaps irrational conclusions, held out of conscious awareness, communicates with the conscious mind by the production of a negative emotion such as fear and thereby induces the person to change tack in order to quell it; in this instance it urges them to put down an unsettling book. Not putting down this book is one of the things which, as we saw earlier, marks you out as a special person.

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Next Book Coming Soon: Where Is Your Soul?

We will begin our story with a description of the several parts which go together to make up a human being. These parts are often described as a series of “bodies” or layers, each with its own nature and purpose within the entire human organism. Here the word “body” is used in the broader sense where it does not necessarily refer to a physical or human shaped vehicle. The reality is that these several, roughly concentric, bodies which comprise a living human being begin with the physical and, as they become finer, lose that physical shape and then go on to lose any form whatsoever.

The reason we are beginning with this description of the human entity is that this is the most efficient way to demonstrate clearly and rationally that you are indeed more than just a body of flesh and blood which dies in a few short years: That you are an individual Soul. To demonstrate that in point of fact a part of you will certainly survive the death of your current physical body and, eventually, to demonstrate that your life really does have a purpose: That you will come to live on Earth again and again in a series of new physical human bodies through a process called reincarnation and guided by a system of checks and balances known as Karma to make progress along a known, and well worn, pathway.

Taking this knowledge on board for the first time may well change the average person’s priorities in life and perhaps their ethics. Though for the most part I know that you are well served already in this area. And we should not underestimate, either, the effect that knowledge of the purpose of our lives will have through adding a sense of meaning to the very act of living. Knowledge of the real purpose of life will generally produce a sense of satisfaction in a life well lived. A sense all too rare in modern Western society and, some might argue, the greatest gift we could bestow upon anyone.

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There are three types of meditation: They operate by either distraction from the Monkey, observing the Monkey or attempting to silence the Monkey.

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