About Robert Serafino…

Who Is This Robert Serafino?

For the last 30 years or so Robert has been working on himself to repair his own life of disadvantage, pain, deprivation, poverty and apparent “bad luck”. He was born with Aspergers Syndrome then adopted and abused as a child, giving him toxic shame and guilt, then he acquired PTSD from combat in the military. And, of course, he grew up on the wrong side of the tracks with little education and no advantages other than unbreakable determination. So he had plenty to work on. Over this time he has studied and tried pretty much every self help and healing system from Reiki to Buddhism, from NLP to fairy-magic. The material results were hit and miss to begin with – he’s made himself wealthy three times and lost it each time. He’s had the fancy houses, cars and toys

Robert Serafino does not look like this.

Robert Serafino does not look like this.

– and been homeless. But he did cure his bipolar depression, the effects of PTSD,  the effects of abuse and even the symptoms of Aspergers. Then all of a sudden in 2013 he had a breakthrough: A major change in consciousness from this long sustained effort. Suddenly he found his life taking shape around him just as he wished, his health returning to that of a young man and the answers to a lot of the big questions about life and the universe came flooding into his mind. When you hear of all the “problems” Robert had with his start in life, his upbringing and his health – all of which he has repaired – you will see that your problems are probably not incurable after all and the system he has created might very well help you both heal your emotional/physical illness and enable you to re-program your life so that you manifest the experiences of your fondest dreams. Happiness, health, great relationships and prosperity really do await you.


One Response to About Robert Serafino…

  1. angelrose......kath says:

    amazing story Robert….yes we do have a traumatic journey to go thru..but its worth it in the end result…..


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