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What you may not notice straight away is that two less obvious results of the work you do on yourself will begin to manifest around you. As you clear out your karma and your problems disappear you will also grow as a person. Other people notice this more than you will yourself initially. Your consciousness will strengthen and you will move towards a transpersonal consciousness where you genuinely wish the world well and this will give you deep joy. More joy, deep happiness, the further on you go. The natural state for a developed being, of course, is a state of joy at the wonder and beauty of creation together with a love, a well-wishing, for each part of it. Given that each entity, each Being in Creation is a part of yourself then to feel other than love for them would be a lack of love for yourself.

The other result is that the people around you will change too. Oh yes, I know our filters change and we think people change on a random and sporadic basis; but this is a real, objective manifestation of change and the reason is that no woman is an island. Every person you come close to or interact with is an intimate reflection of you and connected to you at a deep level. The people you interact with regularly are connected more closely in a shared group mind and you will currently be playing life games with them. On levels at and close to the physical your strengthening aura, improving attitude to life and raised vibration will influence others around you for the better. At a deeper energetic level the change in you will sort of seep across, or spill over from your individuality, and your growth will help them grow too by rattling their issues, their karma and, to a certain extent, releasing that too. They will change for the better as you progress. They say the aura of the Buddha filled a city when he visited. How good is that?


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