Thoughts on the astral plane

Before my friends read this may I ask a favour?

That, if you have gained anything from my two books published so far, you give them both a positive review on Amazon?

We need to build up a positive to counteract the haters who will surely come.

Now a few thoughts on the Astral Plane:

Now we will attempt to pull all this together: You know already that the physical world we share is a joint creation of God universally and locally of our Group Mind. You also know that our individual Unconscious Minds are both a part of God and connected to the Mind of God. This implies that our Unconscious Mind is connected in some way to that part of the Mind of God which creates this universe. Which of course it is.

Supposing it were possible to use that part of the Mind of God to guide our Unconscious Mind in its creation of our personal portion of the Astral Plane. We would then have an Astral world within our mind identical to that physical one “out there” in which we could travel and discover things otherwise hidden from our physical body. We could travel the physical planet in the blink of an eye and observe what was happening behind closed doors anywhere we chose.

In point of fact this form of Astral Travel is relatively simple to achieve but it does have one downside. Remember it is our own Unconscious Mind which is tapping in to that of the Creator and our own mind has within it our own store of emotional issues. These issues cause us to distort our formation of an Astral counterpart to the physical world in ways which pander to our own prejudices, hopes and fears. For instance, if you were to pay a visit to check up on a distant lover you might find that in your version of the world your fear had distorted reality and caused them to be spending time with another. While in this physically reality they were innocently sitting alone and thinking fond thoughts of you. The more work we do on ourselves the more of our issues we clear out and the more of our passions we quell. And as we progress in this way we find that the Astral world we create bears more and more reliable similarity to that of the physical.

It is also possible to affect the future of this physical world through exercises carried out in the Astral. This is where the simplistic idea of the astral world being a formative part of the physical came from. 


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