Where Is Your Soul? (Reincarnation, Karma And Your Subtle Bodies)

Published today at all good eBook Stores!



You are one of those thinking Souls who needs to know the Big Answers. 

To questions like why we are here on this planet in a body of flesh, and blood? 

A body which is a vehicle for so much more of us, our subtle bodies and our Soul? 

Would you like to know what parts of you are immortal and which come back to live here time and again? 

In this book you will find an explanation of how everything fits together. 

And then a demonstration of a technique which you can use to end any unpleasant feature of your life. 

Just by walking your Life Path. 

All you have to lose are your limitations. 

You may even recall some past lives. 

Your Physical Body Incarnate: Faulty Design Or Fit For Purpose? 
Your Subtle Bodies: My What? 
Your Etheric Body: Chakras, Meridians And Body Memory 
Your Auric Body: Sensing And Showing 
Your Astral Body: Travelling And Bi-location 
Your Conscious Mind: It’s Not What You Think 
Your Unconscious Mind: So Who Is Doing The Thinking Anyway? 
Group Minds: Mob Mentality And Group Hysteria 
The Observer: Who Watches Your Every Move? 
Your Soul: That Which Lives Forever 
Your Higher Self: Sitting By The Right Hand Of God 
Another Demonstration Of Karmic Healing: How To Stop Bad Things Happening In Your Life 


About Robert Serafino

"Manifesting Your Dreams Will Heal The World"
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2 Responses to Where Is Your Soul? (Reincarnation, Karma And Your Subtle Bodies)

  1. Jess says:

    I just read your first book. Has me starving for more! Can’t wait to read this one and the many more to come! Thank you, soulmate for putting this information out there for all to have access to! Many Blessings!

    Liked by 2 people

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