Looking for your Soul?

There is no ghostly, translucent, physical, human-shaped entity called a Soul which moves into and out of the body at death. This is a simplistic idea suitable to the understanding of Children. There is, however, a form, sometimes called an “Orb”, which is a silvery ball the size of an orange and which is perceptible to sensitive people and some types of electromagnetic recording equipment. The Orb is a representation of the soul in a form comprehensible to the human senses. In a sense, this is a construct of the living mind to give form to a non physical entity and make it amenable to perception in a manner not dissimilar to that which allows visual perception of the aura. Yes, the mind can commonly affect electronic equipment at the quantum level. The word “Soul”, therefore, is used here as a useful term for the reincarnating part and corresponds quite closely to the Hindu, Buddhist and Jainist concept of Atman.

This is where the explanation gets a little vague as words fail us. While it is inhabiting the body, the Observer has its attention focussed out through the senses of that one body and it collects experiences through activity under the guidance of karma and the consequential programming of that body and mind. These memories are stored in the body for use in the current life and also, by means of the meridian/Chakra system they are transmitted to the higher self which we shall consider in a moment.

At the same time as memories are stored within the Physical Body they are also “stored” in the universe as a whole. Stored in the sense that, as time is purely a construct of consciousness, all the history of the universe is constantly available in the “now” to a non-physical consciousness. And such a consciousness, being, for example, the Creator, the higher self, another form of advanced Being or a sufficiently developed human, can “read” these records which are sometimes referred to as the Akashic Records. It is the uncontrolled accessing of this time-less aspect of creation which facilitates those odd bouts of precognition which humans so often experience. And much more but we must move on.


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