Your Conscious Mind

It’s Not What You Think

This is where our story gets a little spooky. If you didn’t think it had reached that point some way back. Smiles. In this section we are going to examine the Conscious Mind and come to some conclusions which even you may find surprising. I will go further and venture that almost every Westerner hearing these ideas for the first time will be a little shocked at the implications once they have thought them through. I say this (takes a deep breath) because the Conscious Mind, which most people believe to be “You”, is nothing more than a logic circuit or biological calculating machine residing in the brain upon which they have placed their attention. The Conscious Mind is a product of the physical brain and dies with the brain and body. Oh dear!

Does that mean an end to you, your mind and your individuality? Well it absolutely does not because you are far more than this handy little “gadget” and your identification with the Conscious Mind has been an error brought about by culture, perception and fluffy language. People say, “I am thinking this, that or the other.” No they are not. They are observing the Conscious Mind processing information is what they are doing. And we will come to who is doing the observing in a few moments and in its place. For now, be clear in your apprehension that you are not the thoughts, not the thing doing the thinking but the thing watching the thinking happening. That is a novel idea is it not?

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