What Is A Group Mind?

A group mind is where the awareness element of a human’s lower self, as mentioned previously, partially combines or connects with others to form a larger, and in some ways more powerful, consciousness. We have seen how the lower self has a certain awareness which is weak on logic and “intelligence” but strong on memory and possesses the ability to tap in to the creative part of the universe. When a collection of lower selves combine they form a vastly more powerful mind for the purpose of creation but the sum total of the intelligence stabilises at around the level of the lowest common denominator. They are also, like the individual lower self, controlled by their emotions and easily influenced by symbols. For this reason group minds tend to be powerfully creative or destructive, emotional but dim and easily led by someone using the correct tools or levers.

When a human being undergoes a certain group experience, perhaps watching a soccer match, then a part of that person’s unconscious mind forms a type of current, ongoing, memory or replication of the event internally. This is how humans process all information. This process of perception sets up a type of vibration or standing wave within their etheric body and their aura. And this standing wave becomes much stronger when the viewer is emotionally aroused. When a group of humans are in proximity and similarly aroused, such as the crowd at a soccer game, then these standing waves resonate together and cause the minds to link up. In a sense. This forms the group mind of that crowd and will continue for so long as that experience is shared and perhaps for a little while afterwards.

From the person’s point of view this group mind experience can be very pleasant as it gives a person a feeling of “belonging” or security and they may become addicted to it if they are needy in that area through their normal state of consciousness being uncomfortable. More specifically, the person ceases to identify with their own limited self, for which they may have little liking or esteem, and they identify with the group, a team or crowd, a greater self which they may esteem very highly. In a very real sense they think they are that hero on the soccer pitch or that singer on the stage. Also, when a person has been involved in a particular group mind once then they very easily become part of a new, related group mind under similar circumstances. To avoid misunderstanding we need to be aware here that the proximity of the person and aura is not an absolute requirement for all types of group mind. At a deeper level all minds are connected all the time and with a suitable stimulus a certain type of shared experience can resonate with the individual unconscious and create a group mind while the participants are any distance apart. Examples of this non-local group mind are the phenomenon of a best-selling novel, the political party some of the time and the ecological movement which affects the whole of Western society to some extent. The group mind of a whole society is often referred to as the Zeitgeist or spirit of the times in German.

The most obvious naturally occurring group minds occur during sporting events, riots and military engagements. At a sporting event the group mind tends to project onto the team which is the object of “support” and through this identification a certain feeling of elevated status is achieved. A person with very limited self esteem or ability feels for a while as if they are the world-class player they are supporting. During a riot people form a group mind or mob and carry out lawless behaviour they, mostly, would never dream of commiting in their normal state of mind. This is the effect of the lowering of the intelligence and their being carried away by the emotion of the time. Riots tend to occur in the aftermath of a disaster such as an earthquake or flood when people are united in fear, or they are created by the shared anger or outrage experienced during a political protest.

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