The Etheric Body

The first body “above” the level of the physical is the etheric as we have already seen. It takes the shape of the physical body and extends some fraction of an inch beyond it in normal circumstances. All living animals and plants have an etheric body which forms a type of scaffolding and power transmission network for that life energy, called chi or prana, which animates our being. In your reading you may have come across the concept of Kirlian photography which claims to capture images of this body. This is not quite correct as Kirlian photography captures a type of coronal discharge generated by an electrically charged body. Nevertheless, the image captured does have a certain correlation with the etheric body.

As has already been mentioned, the etheric body of a human contains a series of energy centres down the centre line which are usually known as chakras. From these chakras run energy conduits called meridians which, rather like veins carrying blood, distribute energy around the whole system. On a sort of return journey they also act as a type of conduit for memories and emotion in an “energetic” form. Forgive my using vague terms here such as “energy” which have neither been fully explained here nor which are free from the touch of new-ageism but words impose limits on communications. We are obliged to attempt some description as this energy/memory system becomes vitally important to our discussion later for several reasons relating to the clearing of Karma, the curing of illness, the manipulation of our external life and the process of reincarnation.

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