Why Do We Believe?

For the greater part, humans are neither swayed by reasoned argument nor convinced by hard facts. How often does political debate change a person’s choice of political party? Why does political affiliation run in families when all share the same nation? Therefore, some listeners will want to believe that these facts are true, others will want to disbelieve and yet a third group will maintain an attitude of open-mindedness and a healthy curiosity. This immunity to logic and unthinking bias in the first two groups is merely a function of how the normal human mind works. Neither position shows naivety or stupidity, necessarily, because bias in the face of an explanation simply demonstrates that a person is in the grip of an irrational drive which, as we shall see later, is seated deep in their unconscious mind. This drive, based on memories, and perhaps irrational conclusions, held out of conscious awareness, communicates with the conscious mind by the production of a negative emotion such as fear and thereby induces the person to change tack in order to quell it; in this instance it urges them to put down an unsettling book. Not putting down this book is one of the things which, as we saw earlier, marks you out as a special person.

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