Next Book Coming Soon: Where Is Your Soul?

We will begin our story with a description of the several parts which go together to make up a human being. These parts are often described as a series of “bodies” or layers, each with its own nature and purpose within the entire human organism. Here the word “body” is used in the broader sense where it does not necessarily refer to a physical or human shaped vehicle. The reality is that these several, roughly concentric, bodies which comprise a living human being begin with the physical and, as they become finer, lose that physical shape and then go on to lose any form whatsoever.

The reason we are beginning with this description of the human entity is that this is the most efficient way to demonstrate clearly and rationally that you are indeed more than just a body of flesh and blood which dies in a few short years: That you are an individual Soul. To demonstrate that in point of fact a part of you will certainly survive the death of your current physical body and, eventually, to demonstrate that your life really does have a purpose: That you will come to live on Earth again and again in a series of new physical human bodies through a process called reincarnation and guided by a system of checks and balances known as Karma to make progress along a known, and well worn, pathway.

Taking this knowledge on board for the first time may well change the average person’s priorities in life and perhaps their ethics. Though for the most part I know that you are well served already in this area. And we should not underestimate, either, the effect that knowledge of the purpose of our lives will have through adding a sense of meaning to the very act of living. Knowledge of the real purpose of life will generally produce a sense of satisfaction in a life well lived. A sense all too rare in modern Western society and, some might argue, the greatest gift we could bestow upon anyone.

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