A Few Words About Love

Do you know what love is?

Let me tell you first what love is not:

Love is not possession, nor control of the beloved.

Love is not conditions set upon the behaviour of the beloved.

Love does not consider the cost of loving.

True love is wishing what is best, without limit of time or place, for the beloved.

And acting without thought of self to bring that best about.

And the whole of the universe loves you in this way.

Yes, the universe loves you from the heart of its suns to the least of its children.

Why can I say this?

Because I know who you are.

And knowing who you are how could a clear eye not love you?


But who are you?


To recall the wonder of who you truly are you must read this gift which has been written for you.

After all, this universe upon which we gaze is nothing but a mirror held up to our soul.

A soul distorted by its passage through The Valley Of Tears.

And we all love, or otherwise, according to what we see in this glass darkly.

About Robert Serafino

"Manifesting Your Dreams Will Heal The World"
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