“The Book Of Answers” – To all the big questions in life

Is this book written for you?

This book is an act of love written to bring positive change into the world and happiness, health and abundance into the lives of all who will read it.

Yet it is not for everyone, it is for the few.

The relative few who are ready for it upon this planet of 7 billion incarnate souls.

But to reach these few it has to be placed freely into the hands of many.

The many who will scorn in their ignorance having hardened their hearts to love and perception of our collective physical reality.

This book shares the secrets of Life and the Universe with all who care to read it.

The mysteries of reincarnation under karma and the purpose of God and creation.

The key to happiness, health and prosperity for all who will align themselves with the Current of Creation.

But also it carries a form of words, and an energy in its structure, which will cause the many to shy away.

And others, those for whom it is written, to devour it like a starving creature.

Are you hungry for Wisdom and Truth?

For a better, more abundant life of purpose, satisfaction and joy?

But who are these few, these lucky few, for whom the story of life is to be outspread?


Get “The Book of answers” FREE from http://www.robert-serafino.com

About Robert Serafino

"Manifesting Your Dreams Will Heal The World"
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2 Responses to “The Book Of Answers” – To all the big questions in life

  1. Rhonda Farley says:

    I just received the free Kindle book through amazon. I began reading it last night. I am normally fast reader with extremely high retention rate. HOWEVER…I have to take breaks after a couple chapters due to my CONSTANT CRYING AS I READ. I BELIEVE this is a good thing….

    Is this normal? OR I even more emotional now (at 48), than when I was growing up?

    Anyway…back to my reading!!

    Thank you very much!!

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